Getting Back in the Game

I know, I know, it's been a little quiet (ok, very quiet) around these parts these past two months. Between a dying computer, a new computer whose motherboard was DOA and had to be sent back and then back to us via a U.S. address and then getting a new dog right when I really had a working computer again, it's been more or less impossible to get something up.

I started writing a post about a year of living the expat life in Korea, but I hated it. So I scrapped it all and just posted this on Instagram instead.

I'm sure I have more to say. Friday I'll be meeting up with some other spouses to welcome and meet the new partners that have arrived with this class of my husband's program and Saturday we'll be brunching and welcoming the new people coming into the program from Stern. Just the idea of meeting people in the same shoes I was in a year ago is already making me reflect a lot more than just the date passing.

In the coming week, I'm hoping to get a recipe up for these pickled beets, this play on tiramisu I made for a friend's Tex Mex party and full reviews of Volstead and 1981. If you're not interested in recipes or Korean restaurant reviews, then stay tuned for my encounter that took place in Ukraine with my bff Salo the Vodka Pig.

In case that assortment of links didn't make it super obvious, even if I'm not writing here, I'm often writing mini reviews or posting recipe inspiration over on my instagram account where my handle is alana_margaret (and if you're not an instagram user, almost all of those things get pushed to my facebook page as well).

If you are super into dogs, or considering adopting a dog in Korea (there are so many that need a loving home) I'll also be writing about the resources and struggles I've found here and in the meantime, you can follow Ada and Shadow on insta with the handle badwolfclub (yes, that is both a reference to huskies being extremely willful dogs and Doctor Who).

Hello? Is it still #tongueouttuesday in America?!

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And on that note, I have to go take this 60 lbs puppy we've adopted on a training walk and convince Ada she'd rather stay home with a Kong full of peanut butter (probs won't take that much convincing, tbh). More soon. Pinky swearsies.