Tokyo Takeover: Touristing at the Tower

Tokyo Tower is exactly what you expect it to be. A little kitschy, VERY tourist-y and, during Golden Week, insanely crowded. We opted to take the stairs up which gives you some nice views without having to elbow for window space and also means you get a cute card at the top congratulating you for climbing 600 steps. Sadly, the day we went it was too hazy to make out Mount Fuji but it was still cool to see how huge the city is from high up. There's also a number of glass panels in the floor where you can look straight down to the streets below (though the view was often obstructed by children jumping on them). In "foot town" at the bottom of the tower there's an aquarium we were hoping to go to but it was just too crowded to seem enjoyable. Instead we contented ourselves with exploring the floors above where there's a "portrait street" and and infinite number of lucky kitties, cheesy magnets and Hello Kitty key chains. Our fridge has become covered in the most over the top magnets we can find, so for us this was a veritable treasure trove of options. After all that climbing and walking around in the crowds, we finished up by relaxing in the Suntory Highball Garden and eating karaage.

(And yes, even though they don't taste like it, those highballs as big as your face do, in fact, have a fair amount of alcohol.)