Maddux Pizza

Pepperoni Slice at Maddux in Itaewon Seoul

Remember that time I wrote about the different horrifically bad nachos I've paid too much money for in Seoul? I could write a similar story about pizza. It would involve the time when Dan and I had just got here and we thought "tortilla pizza" was maybe just a weird translation for "thin crust". It's not. It's also terrible and very popular among young Koreans. The next part would be about the time we went to Monster Pizza after seeing several New York sized pies and slices that smelled divine being eaten in front of the Bottle Shop, only to discover that the pizza is cooked on a giant version of those weird conveyer belt toasters they have at delis and breakfast buffets, ensuring the crust is always extremely pale and dough-y. The former shining star in our pizza excursions was Brick Oven New York Pizzeria in Gangnam. It's a bit expensive but quite good. Also, they use deck ovens, not brick ovens, which is the right choice for New York style pizza but maybe they should reconsider their name?

Maddux Pizza opened in Itaewon in May but I didn't get around to trying it until a few weeks ago. The pizza is cooked in a proper deck oven and it's actually cooked long enough for both the crust and the pepperoni to reach ideal crispiness. Like a true slice joint they don't have a whole lot in the way of flavors which is fine with me since I usually want pepperoni or a plain slice anyways. I have branched out once to the artichoke slice which is a little too creamy and decadent for me to eat all the time. If you're interested in trying the artichoke, I definitely recommend splitting it with somebody, it's good but intense.

Probably the main difference between Maddux and your neighborhood pizza place in New York is the $4.00 price point for a plain slice and the fact that they don't deliver, but non-Korean food is always marked up here and I know getting cheese that isn't plastic-y is expensive so I don't mind the slightly higher price. As for the delivery? Fingers crossed they're on Bird Riders or Y-not soon, I'd much rather have it than the mediocre pizza we usually order when we're too lazy to cook or go out.

Maddux Pizza is located at 129-9 Itaewon-dong. From Iteawon Station exit 4, walk south on Bogwang-ro and take the first right, go down the slight hill and take the first left. Continue down this smaller street a ways and Maddux Pizza will be on your right.

Update: When I was ordering delivery tonight I noticed Maddux is now available through Bird Riders .  WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOO!