Left Coast Brunch

Left Coat Burgers Breakfast Sandwich Itaewon Seoul

Like most people that have spent, well, any time in New York and hungover, I believe the bacon, egg and cheese available for purchase at your closest bodega to be the holy grail of hangover foods. So when I got back from California a few weeks ago and stumbled in to Left Coast Burgers for brunch, not hungover but extremely jet-lagged (basically the same feeling, amirite?) I was super happy to see that they'd added a breakfast sandwich to their recent brunch expansion. The Left Coast breakfast sandwich has the requisite bacon, egg and cheese PLUS avocado, tater tots smashed into a crispy "tot-brown", mayonnaise and their house hot sauce that I absolutely ADORE. Also, some tomatoes and lettuce, but I could take or leave those, honestly. Even though Left Coast's breakfast sandwich is an "elevated" bacon, egg and cheese, it does a great job of upgrading your eating experience without being pretentious. I'm not saying I don't like a poached egg on a croissant with chevre and arugula as much as the next girl, I'm just saying that sometimes I'm really just looking to stuff my face with some extremely not fancy tater tots soaked with egg yolks and hot sauce.

breakfast burrito Left Coast Burgers Itaewon

I mentioned that I'm in love with the house hot sauce, right? When Left Coast first rolled out their brunch offerings a month and a half or so ago, the breakfast burrito was my immediate go-to. Fluffy scrambled eggs, chorizo that is spicy and legitimately chorizo instead of suprise, sweet Korean sausage, cheese, pico de gallo and, yes, more tater tots. I'm pretty sure this is the thing for which the smoky, Mexican influenced house hot sauce was actually developed, and I'm happy to dose my burrito liberally. Both the burrito and breakfast sandwich are served with a side of roasted potatoes and onions that are also pretty spicy with a lovely contrasting sweetness from the caramelized onions. Between the breakfast burrito and the breakfast sandwich, both the Californian and New Yorker parts of me are extremely happy with the brunch menu but if those don't suit your fancy, there is actually even more deliciousness to be had.

Chicken fried steak with white gravy Left Coast Burgers Itaewon Seoul

Yes my friends, that is a giant chicken fried steak with white gravy and mashed potatoes. I haven't ordered this as many times but it's not because it's not just as good it's just SO MUCH that for me it's more of a once in a while brunch food. The breading on the steak is crunchy, well seasoned and absolutely perfectly fried. Dan objects to their being mashed potatoes on a breakfast plate with chicken fried steak and I mostly think the serving is so huge they're not really necessary but also, I'll never say no to mashed potatoes. If you're missing home, this plate is the ultimate plate of American comfort food.

Blueberry pancake Left Coast Burgers Itaewon Seoul

With sweet, crunchy crumb topping, blueberry sauce and whipped cream, I think the blueberry pancake is for somebody with more of a sweet tooth than I happen to have. The pancake itself is literally bigger than my face and heavily studded with tasty blueberries. Fluffy and well griddled, the pancake itself was delicious but for me, the toppings are a little too much, I'd rather just have butter and maple syrup. But if you're somebody who likes to have brunch as an excuse to eat cake for breakfast, this is definitely something you're going to want to try.

Full disclosure: I'm pretty sure this picture was taken at dinner time but it's worth noting that Left Coast has most of it's burgers and a fair number of appetizers (like these out of control totchos) available on the brunch menu too. My burger of choice is the John Wayne which has cheddar, crispy onion rings and tangy barbecue sauce because I'm a cowboy like that.

 Left Coast Burgers serves brunch Saturday and Sunday starting at 11:30. Along with their website you can also keep up with new menu items and monthly specials on  Facebook

They're located at 130-43 Itaewon-dong about one and a half blocks south of Itaewon Station exit 4.