Flower Gin

It's possible my favorite bar in Seoul is a tiny place in Kyungridan called Flower Gin. It only serves drinks made with Hendrick's, it's also a flower shop and sometimes there's a small dog named Coco running around and snuffing you. It's wonderfully bizarre.

The shop itself is quite small, maybe only ten seats. There's another row of stools outside at a bar against the window, but so far we've only gone in cold weather. There's not much too see on this stretch of Noksapyeong-daero, so I'm not sure I'll take advantage of the outside stools when the weather warms up a bit more anyways. I will probably take advantage of the gin and tonics to go, though.

Inside, the lighting is low and the air heavily scented with roses. The size and the warmth make it feel cozy and inviting, but the soundtrack and decor make me wonder if I'm quite cool enough to be there. I've never associated a flower shop with somewhere that's too cool for me. Almost everything in the bar is Hendrick's branded.  Lots of alcohol branding in a bar is usually something I find obnoxious, but here it's so whimsical and surreal it only adds to the charm and makes me wonder where and for how much I can get my hands on a set of Hendrick's coasters.

For drinks I usually stick with a simple but beautifully presented gin and tonic. There are a few other drinks on the menu and I occasionally branch out but we go here more for the subdued, but by no means boring, atmosphere than for fancy cocktails. I like it as an early in the evening, figuring out your plans for the night spot though I also think it would be a good, low key but unique first date location.

Flower Gin is located at 666 Itaewon-dong on Naksopyeong-daero.

Flower Gin Bar Kyungridan Itaewon Seoul