Year Three

We've been together three years now, New York. I've lived in Queens and Brooklyn, made my bed in Bedford Stuyvesant and Park Slope, I've commuted to Manhattan and bussed to Greenpoint and now work ten blocks from where I used to live. This past year I've often been awake before the sun, briskly walking to public transit when it's eerily quiet and still, when anything seems possible, when you wonder if the world is still there, New York. You're always still there, New York.

New York, you are my constant. You're the only place I've ever wanted to call home. You're the only place that has truly felt like home. You're the only place that has made me feel like I could be somebody else's constant. The grass couldn't be greener. Both feet couldn't be planted more firmly inside the door. New York you are my everything and when I travel across one of your beautiful bridges and look over and see your skyline, MY skyline, MY city, my heart breaks.

New York, there's something I haven't told you. I have to leave for a while. You were my place for growing up and you will be my place for settling down. But I'm not quite settled yet. I have one more adventure to go. In a few months, I'm going to travel the world with the love you helped me find. See, it turns out, you can't marry a city. But you can marry a man who loves a city just as much as you do. And it turns out, sometimes offers are too good to refuse.

I'll be gone for two years, and just like you, some parts of me will undoubtedly change and other parts will remain constant. The world changes so fast now, neither of us could possibly see the shape of things to come.

New York, I wanted to write about how hard you've made year three and also how lovely. I wanted to write about how year three changed everything, I wanted to tell you that I love that you're in every single one of my wedding pictures.

But New York, mostly I wanted to tell you, that for me, you will never be the city I used to live in, you will always be the city I'm coming back home to.

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