A Caveat

Because my last post garnered some "oooo, what is this thing? I'm excited for you!" I feel like I should explain that mostly I meant that this thing had happened that made my grinchy heart grow back to an (almost) reasonable size, not that we should all be hopeful about that thing developing into more of a thing. Just that a general hopefulness about not dying alone with my twenty cats has returned to my life.

The picture of fireworks is just here because they also help my grinchy heart grow.

Actually a lot of things are making my grinchy heart grow right now. So maybe it's not just the one thing that's giving me hope.

Maybe it's that, right now, I feel like my social life that completely fell apart earlier this year is coming back together. Maybe it's that people wanting to kiss you is an ego boost. Maybe it's that I like my new job better than my old job. That I like all my coworkers. That I have an air conditioner. I don't know. Maybe I had just started thinking the problem with the boring dates I kept going on was me. Maybe it was.

I'm not saying I'm going back on the hunt for love. I'm not saying I'm in love. I'm just saying I think it's possible some day it might find me.