The More Traditional (kind of boring) Resolution Post.

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I wrote the other day, that what I really wanted to do in 2012 was focus on some of the good choices I've made and continue expanding and putting them into practice. A lot of my goals for 2012 are actually things I started focusing on a few months ago and are changes I've already begun to make. I used Nicole's planning process to outline everything a little clearer and because it made perfect sense for me. I think the important part of the process is to remember that the goals are where I want to be by the end of the year. It's probably not all going to happen all at once. Though since I started some of it already, there are some things that I'm closer to than others.

Photo-4I also made a place to keep track of goals on my wall. Becuase I have an obsession with chalkboards. And also to pretty much ensure that I never invite anyone over to my house ever because seriously my walls are so covered in pictures and quotes and chalkboards that I feel like I would actually be letting somebody into my head.

That's all really. Maybe I'll be taking pictures of my chalkboard each month to see how I'm progressing and it's probably going to change. Like right now it says "dinner party date" because one of my goals is to cook for my friends and family, but I know I'm probably going to be doing that a lot over the next week, that I'm making my mother a wedding cake this month and that I have a couple of friends with birthdays this month who will probably get fresh baked goodies or meals as presents, so that line is superfluous.

 We're just going to see how it goes.