Running from one falling star until another until I drop

What label/story/box/belief clipped your wings this year?
How can you flip the script in 2012? What’s your new story?

High strung/type A/control freak/over achiever

Fact: I am these things. Kind of. But only about very specific things and mostly in reference to myself. And there are plenty of things that it turns out I'm a million less times high strung about then other people. I work myself into a frenzy and get down on myself for trying to do it all, for getting so stressed, for CARING.

Y'know what? I'm tired of apologizing for caring.

I care about my job. I care about how I present myself to the world. I care about how my food choices effect the environment and the economy. I care about politics because the personal is political. I care about plans because if I made plans with you, I care about you and I hope you care about me.

So, no I'm not sorry for so often fitting into that neat little over achiever box because I like to always be working towards the best version of myself and I get depressed when I start to feel stuck in a rut.

Not high strung.

Successful, motivated, organized and caring.

See also: intentional