Holy Life Goals, Batman

Holy Life Goals, Batman

Remember all the photos I've been posting on every social networking site of these little suckers?

Remember how I spent the last two weeks developing all candy bars all the time?


Just read that sentence like ten times over again and then jump up and down and clap and now you know what my head sounds like and OH MY GOD DID I MENTION RUTH REICHL ATE MY CANDY BARS?!

I have no idea how she felt about them, but it doesn't matter because Ruth Reichl not only ate something I made, but that was all my recipes.

This year:

Blogpost linked on the AMNH website

Somebody who's career I envy and idolize ate something I made.

What?! What?! Is this my actual life?!

You're alright, 2011, you're alright.

Sorry I've been so disenchanted with you lately.

And thank you for you reminding me that life is pretty fucking ok.

Also, I wrote this from my phone. On the train. Yeah, I'm that fucking excited.