Live through this


Like a normal person that wakes up long before the rest of the world and has to wait to get their day started, I Facebook stalked myself this morning.

This is the first picture of me ever uploaded to Facebook. It was 2006, I'm pretty sure Alex was making fun of us by calling us "scenesters" when he took this picture. I'm also pretty sure Alex was the one that decided I should wear that bandana.

I think I had just started my search for my first pair of skinny jeans. Jacob had yet to buy a pair of tigers.

You still needed a college email address for facebook.

Lara and I paid $900/month to live in a "two bedroom" granny unit in somebody's basement/garage that would probably entirely fit in my current living room.

We went to brunch most weekends and spent a lot of time layering up to run around San Francisco at night.

I barely drank. Jacob didn't drink at all. Alex drank too much.

I worked part time during the day and went to culinary school at night. I was always exhausted. Our apartment was always cold.

Jacob and I were still Lily and Marshall instead of Ted and Robin.

In truth, I was always Robin.

"Heartbreaker",  "Wreck Your Life" and "Set Yourself on Fire" never stopped playing.

We were all so much younger than we thought.