I'm gonna drink myself to death


If everybody could just tweet me, or text me, or send me a postcard every so often that says "Don't forget to smell the roses," that would be awesome. Another option for what to write: JUST SLOW THE FUCK DOWN.

Because really, I just need to slow the fuck down. I've completely unintentionally embraced a work hard, play hard lifestyle and I kind of love it, but I'm also pretty sure that I'm gonig to crash and burn pretty hard if I don't take a second to breathe. But everything is going so well. I've got a couple of career game changer things going on that I'm not going to write about until things are a little more certain, I'm spending time with friends I've made and making new ones and I'm even, maybe, ready to get back into the dating game.

That's right, it may be time for me to revive my OkCupid profile. Primarily so I can make snarky tweets about the guys that message me, of course.

But let's recap my last couple of weeks.

I worked for twelve days straight, mostly nine or ten hour days starting at 4am. Some days I managed to make myself go to sleep early, but I also refused to be completely without a social life, this is really hard when all you really have time to do is eat, work and sleep. And hopefully fit some showers in. After those twelve days I had a three day weekend and went to Boston (don't worry, there's still more Boston recap to come in another post, I know you're fascinated by it) which was pretty low key and relaxing just because the pace of Boston is so so different from New York (Boston, it was nice while it lasted, but I don't think there's really a future for us, my heart belongs to another) but also involved waking up early (just because that's how I do now, not really intentionally), walking everywhere, brief afternoon rests and then back out for night time activities. I slept a solid eight hours each night though. Monday, the 4th, I got home around 6 and made myself get in bed promptly, but fireworks kept me up until around 10:30 so I got about four hours of sleep. I probably could have knocked out my production on Tuesday in eight hours, but I was exhausted and I was moving a little like a zombie and it took me nine. From work I went straight to my friends to help her grocery shop and cook for an engagement party she was throwing the next day. I left her house around 9:30 pm. I slept for four hours. I went to work again. Wednesday I was asleep by 7pm!!!! That means 7.5 hours of sleep which felt like fourteen. It was amazing. Thursday I worked and then came home and chilled out, blogged a bit and then realized I needed to transform myself into a person that can be seen outside of the kitchen because it was MUSEUM TWEETUP TIME! The tweetup didn't even start until my bedtime, of course, and then afterwards, since I figured I wasn't going to get much sleep anyways, I went and got drinks with people. Except then it reached a point where I realized I wasn't going to get any sleep at all because if 2:30am is your wake up time and it's already 1... So I went to work without having slept. Right?! Right?! Holy fuck, what is wrong with me? Dear me, chill out. I passed out promptly after work for 6 hours, woke up for a few, went back to sleep. Still, I probably only got ten hours of sleep in 48 hours. Doing it wrong. So yesterday I worked my normal nine hour day, went home for a couple of hours, changed myself from a cherry juice covered monster into a respectable young lady and went to visit the folks at Stellina and give them all ridiculous lobster souvenirs from Boston. I had drinks and dinner with a friend and her brother and was back home by around 10:20.

I layed down on my bed for what I thought would be five minutes. And fell asleep. In my jeans. Yeah, I passed out, fully clothed at 10:30pm on a Saturday, which is why it's now 9:30am on a Sunday and I've already gotten coffee, bought laundry detergent, painted my toe nails bright red and am about to go back to the laundromat to get my washed AND dried laundry. I feel like I have an infinite amount of time today and I don't know what to do with it. Plus, I have tomorrow off too! I really don't know what to do with myself.

And I'm pretty sure if I've reached the point where two days off with no plans seems like I have an insane amount of time, I really need to check myself before I wreck myself.