Summertime and the living is easy

Things I've learned while busy not blogging:

  • I would rather work a ten hour busy work day than a six hour slow one
  • There is only so much sleep I can sacrifice for social life and only so much social life I can sacrifice for sleep.
  • It's better to come home to a room that looks like you live in it than one with empty walls and half filled boxes.
  • Gin is best enjoyed with cucumber juice and basil simple syrup. Mint simple syrup will work too.
  • Funsies hookups as opposed to realsies dating totally has its time and place but I should check how many trains it's going to take me to get home in the morning.
  • Being single allows for a lot of free time, friend time and stress free thinking. Who knew?
  • I have a serious polka dot addiction. No really.
  • Getting paid to do something you love is awesome. Getting appreciated daily by your employers on top of that is even awesomer.
  • Red wine hangovers only rival whiskey hangovers in brutality.
  • I shouldn't sleep with people I had feelings for, because I might realize I still think they're adorable, so... fuck.
  • It's great living somewhere where it's hot enough all Summer to actually wear my Summer dresses. It sucks to have to shave that often though.
  • I can work the crazy early morning bakers' hours I've always avoided and not hate it.
  • I have a life here. And it kind of FUCKING ROCKS.