If you think that's cool, whatever dude.

And what happend with Stephen? I wrote a post that is now taken down (but still might go back up) after he didn't call me over the weekend like he said he would. The post pissed him off, though everything I said in it was true and he texted me something along the lines of "I didn't call because I didn't know what to say, but now I don't have anything to say" which I kind of thought was a bullshit reason not to call and him taking the excuse to jump ship that I provided him by blogging. Some emails were exchanged further explaining my feelings and then I didn't hear at all from him for a week? week and a half? So I figured that meant things were officially done and because I felt like I was thinking about it too much I unfriended him and stopped following both his twitter accounts. Of course later that same day he responded to something I posted on twitter and then later that night texted me apologizing for not talking and again saying that he didn't know what to say. I told him I didn't know what he wanted from me so I didn't really know what to say or how to behave in relation to him and that I honestly hadn't expected to here from him. At which point he told me that even though he had been angry the amount he cares for me still wins over that. At which point I threw my hands up in the air and straight up asked him where do we go from here, because, seriously, I don't speak guy right now. AND HE STILL DIDN'T KNOW WHAT HE WANTS. That was the for real response. Well actually it was something like "I don't know, I just had to at least say hello". So I said "hi" because what the fuck does that mean? Why text somebody if you don't know what to say and don't know what you want? I wish he would just actually say he justs wants to be friends so that I know I won't get a sneak attack "I care about you" text in another week. Oddly, I mostly didn't really care once the text message conversation ended.

Oh and we had a back and forth about cast iron an All Clad pans on twitter last night. So I guess we're on vaguely good terms?