Things That Remind Me I'm on the Other Side of the Country, Part 2

Time for some things in the negative column:

1. Humidity. The weather + walking to the Grand St station actually made me feel like I was in a different country today. Which is kind of awesome, except I do not see any beautiful Thai beaches around here to go with the humidity. So fuck you humidity. Because I need a haircut and you're making it worse by making my hair try to be all curly and shit. Also by the time I get to work at 8AM I feel like I should've taken 5 showers already and I know, I know, it only gets worse as it turns into Summer. Also, it's confusing when I look outside and it looks all stormy and then I look at the weather report and it's all, "hey, it's already 75 degrees today!" and I'm still working on getting into my head that grey skies don't equal cold so I've finally convinced myself it's ok to leave the house in just a cardigan even if it looks stormy but really I should be wearing shorts and a tank top. Except I don't wear shorts, which begs the question, what the hell am I going to wear in the Summer? I like dresses a lot, but I have a finite number and dresses aren't really kitchen safe, so I'm going to assume that I'm going to sweat off like 15 pounds this Summer which I guess is good because once it starts cooling off my body will probably want to eat lots of fatty things in preparation for the cold cold oh my god cold winter. So maybe the humidity is awesome. Size 2 by August! (not really, I kind of look skeletal at a size 2, but maybe because I'm a girl and secretly I think I look awesome then).

2. Bread. OH MY GOD I JUST WANT SOME SOURDOUGH TOAST WITH MY EGGS PLEASE, WHERE IS MY SOURDOUGH? HOW IS THAT NOT AN OPTION? WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE EAT YOUR BLT's ON? Yes, I know that San Francisco had a distinct sourdough because there is actually a strain of yeast that runs from Alaska to Baja with the highest concentration in San Francisco so sourdough couldn't actually taste the same but there is still yeast in the air here. And some of the flavor could be mimicked by keeping the starter at a warmer temperature and feeding it a higher water to flour ratio which is largely what contributes to the sharper more acetic San Francisco sourdough flavor as opposed to say a creamy Parisian sourdough. Anyways, sourdough bread, I don't want to make my own because I don't feel like taking care of a barm right now with it's fermenty grossness that will probably get forgotten in the back of my fridge, so somebody get on that.

3. Coffee. Coffee here is shitty. True story. I have pretty good coffee at my work. And soon you'll be able to find my skills put to use making pastry here, so I have high hopes their coffee will also be tasty (one of the owners spent time at the holy grail of all coffee shops, Blue Bottle and the chef is from the bay area, so you know).  But it's not like the bay area where even up in Santa Rosa, there's a different local roaster every few blocks and if you ask for a cappuccino it's only made in small sizes, with whole milk and perfect wet foam... I think most people just drink shitty diner coffee or shitty coffee cart coffee (both of which also had their time in the plus column) and don't really care. Blech.

4. Bakeries. Bakeries mostly seem to be of the generic American or Italian pursuasion with cakes that look like the frosting is made of Sweetex, Sweetex and oh, hey, more Sweetex, huge, overly sweet, flavorless Black and White cookies and fruit tarts thick with so much apricot glaze you wonder if the fruit underneath is real. New Yorkers have yet to embrace the, in California, totally overused word "artisan" and all the tastiness that accompanies its pretension.

That is all for now. All of that being said, I'm still happy to be here. More general life/work/love posts soon (or rather life/work/I still think boys are stupid posts).