Dinosaur Tweetup (or that time I was at AMNH after hours and it wasn't illegal)


This sign is my new favorite thing. Not only do we get to laugh about the days when there were Brontosaurus (Brontosauri?) on display but, apparently we used to think dinosaurs were amphibious. For reals, y'all, the American Museum of Natural History does not lie. Except back when they lied about dinosaurs being giant newts.

But this is actually from the last room of the evening, so let's start from the beginning.

First off, I apologize for these all being crappy iPhone photos, my camera battery died and the charger seems to be one of the things lost in the shuffle of moving. Secondly, I apologize if you follow me on twitter and were annoyed by all my dinosaur related tweets last night. Oh wait, no I'm not. Seriously, you don't like dinosaurs? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Right. So...


First off we got to choose cute dinosaur rubberbands of different shapes and colors to choose which tour we were going on. I got a red T-Rex to go to the Exhibition Design Studio which is exactly what it sounds like- the place where they make and design exhibitions.

IMG_0845This is a terrible picture. In it we're on our way to the design studio and all of a sudden we dead end into a small room and I think "umm, this is the worst design studio ever," because I haven't really been paying attention and I already had been drinking the free wine (A Cab from Sonoma County because there are some things we just do right in California). Then I turn around and notice the GIANT doors closing and realize we're in the biggest elevator I've ever been in. Seriously, they moved elephants in this elevator. Not an exaggeration. I rode in the elevator in which they moved elephants.



Diorama of next month's exhibit (The World's Largest Dinosaurs) and let me tell you, I am stoked. So if you know me IRL you can bet your ass I'm dragging you to the museum next month. Even though I probably have to go this month when Ms. Mae is visiting. Next year I'm convincing someone to get me a memberships for my birthday.


60' version of the dinosaur in the diorama in the process of being made (kind of hard to get a picture of, especially with an iPhone) followed by a HUGE femur.

Random design studio photo, foam mold for making a spine? tail? I don't remember. I remember they coat the foam with the green stuff and then if they don't want the foam impression to get on the mold they spread spackle over the green stuff. I'm pretty sure he actually used the highly technical term "green stuff".

Back to the dinosaur hall where we picked up our next rubber band. I got a blue dino foot for the 8:30 Big Bone Room tour. And the fact that everyone wasn't giggling everytime they said "big bone room" shows that they had either more maturity or less wine than me. Possibly both. My group got back just in time for the last two 7:30 and 8:00 tour rubberbands to disappear before our eyes which meant an hour of time to kill with a delicious assortment of bread and cheese, tasty crudité and of course, beer and wine. All while being in the presence of my favorite Stegosaurus and T-Rex. How frakkin' jealous are you right now? Very? Because you're about to be even more.


BIG BONES! I mean really really really big. All around. Every where.

The skull that goes with that card at the beginning. Or maybe it was actually the skull behind it that went with the card. Who can keep track of so many skulls? (ok, yeah, probably the people that work there, but I can't)


Skeletons from Mongolia (I think, next time I'm taking notes). There was a third one in the middle that my pictures of were all blurry that has about two dozen eggs fossilized with it! Which is pretty cool in a kind of also gruesome way. Poor dino babies.


Finally, 60 million year old impression of dinosaur skin. AND we were allowed to touch it. For realsies. If that doesn't make you jealous, you're probably a robot.