But I do like you and you like me too

This is all I really wanted to say about this weekend: It's nice when you start seeing someone and finding their socks on the floor when you're cleaning up after the weekend makes you smile.

But I couldn't actually just write that sentence without mentally adding "instead of like later, when picking up socks on the floor for the gajillionth time makes you say 'facepunch'".

Maybe the idea is that you find someone that picks up their own damn socks, but maybe the idea is you find someone that always makes you smile when they leave their socks behind. I don't really know anymore.

I know that date three is happening at a Dr. Who themed bar and that we agree that Gretchen Jones shouldn't have won last season on Project Runway, so we can go ahead and keep crossing things off the "Alana's absolutely nonsensical requirements for a potential significant other" list.

This is a good start.