My New Home!!!



This is basically all the decoration there is in my room. I really didn't bring much (or anything) with me in the way of home furnishings and I really have no idea what I want it to look like. The result right now is a little odd, it almost looks like a room someone lives in but not quite. My suitcase still sitting out probably doesn't help.




Wandering around the neighborhood. I found this yard really amusing. Plus we're hella not in California anymore, Toto.

I don't know if it's the unemployment, the recovering from being on steroids or that I was recently on a plane so possibly actually contracted something, but I'm just feeling bleck. Like that I'm coming down with something but not quite feeling. I also still haven't gotten back to a normal sleep all the way through the night schedule and usually wake up once or twice so that might be part of the problem.