This brokenness inside me might start healing

There's this person I'm becoming, this person I want to be. I'm not sure who she is yet. A year and a half ago, I was so excited to be home. Now I'm so excited to be leaving. I love it here, it's beautiful here, I'm just not ready to stop pushing myself, growing into myself.

Which is not to say in the past year or so I haven't grown. I reconnected with old friends whose concepts of me helped me find the pieces of myself I'd left behind but wanted back and at the same time helped me realize which parts of myself I was fine with having changed.

I learned to let go more, to relax.

I continued to learn to identify what I wanted from relationships and what I really didn't.

I think this is the year that I truly learned that there are people that love and support me no matter what my decisions; that I really do have a support network in my family, friends and even friend's families.

And even though I struggled a lot, cried a lot, was anxious a lot, I did the finding myself that I moved home to do and now that I feel a little more centered and confident and loved, it's time to jet off and explore and grow.

Of course I'll miss the stars, swearing at tourists, the California coast and this


but I can always come back.

And yeah, I did have to use a cheesy country song for this one.