But if I don't come back then I won't look behind me


Well there's three people In the mirror And I'm wondering Which one of them I should choose (Reprise)

I'm supposed to start school Tuesday. I just started a new job.


I'm in New York right now, and we all know what that means; that I flew into JFK bright and early Thursday morning, walked out the airport as the sun was rising to piles of snow and crisp freezing frakkin cold air and smiled; that I don't want to go back on Monday; that I am questioning every aspect of my life right now because I so badly want to be here, in this place that makes me smile, that has always felt like home.

I met up with Mia yesterday for lunch and some shopping before heading back to her place and meeting up with her man. I witnessed some of the most impressive couple team work I've ever seen. They have a roommate moving out, they will soon have a spare room. They were on a mission to convince me that I needed to move into that spare room until I figured out whatever I needed to figure out to get my own place. (Mia actually asked at a chocolate shop we went in to if they were hiring she was so on the mission) Even before Mia and I met up, I was seriously wondering "Am I the type of person that could go home Monday, sell all my stuff, move across country and leave everything behind?".  When I didn't know about the room, I was still fairly seriously pondering that plan. But now there's a room. How can I resist a room?

I'll be twenty five Thursday. That's not old, but as always, birthdays make me re-evaluate. I've always wanted to move to New York. For how long am I going to wait? Which things am I willing to continue let holding me back?

I just sent out four resumés. We'll see.