Too much of a jumble for song lyrics

The problem is I've had the sort of few weeks where I have a constant running dialogue in my head about what to blog about but as soon as I sit down at the computer it all goes away, or sounds stupid or doesn't really matter anymore or I've already said it. Again and again and again.

Father's day is Sunday, so that sucks. I have birth control that pretty much makes me want to curl up in a ball and hide from the world when I'm PMSing, so stack those two together and it's pretty much like you can say "hi" to me and I'll burst into tears if it doesn't sound like the cheeriest most eager to see me hi ever. (Switching BC after this week, thank god.)

I really like my new job, I wish I got to interact with the girls more but I think working nights will allow me to work full time and go to school full time in the fall so I'm going to stick with it. Despite the hours and that I'm working with teenagers in rehab, I really do find it a million times less stressful than working in a kitchen. But of course, I especially like helping the breakfast cook in the morning. Unfortunately some people quit and they switched me to the other side of the week which means I no longer have my lazy weekend mornings with the girls, just getting them up and ready for school. I think I'm going to ask to switch back when more people get hired and trained. It also means that I had a crazy work schedule and won't have my solid three days off for another week and a half. Which means you can stack another level of cranky and tired and want to see the sun on top of the other two. Also, ear infection. Yeah, I know, whine whine whine.

Did I mention that I had to make a wedding cake that was frosted in buttercream for the hottest day ever during all of this?

Matt is coming to meet the other side of the family this weekend for my great grandpa's birthday, which is weird, considering he has yet to meet my friends really and has yet to introduce me to any of his family despite being the person that was all about family meeting. Apparently his little brother gave him shit for not bringing me over yet. I said "good". Matt said "I swear I'm not avoiding it" for like the ten millionth time. I'll believe him when he actually introduces me to his family.

You know it's bad when instead of making everything piled on top of each other sound absurd and witty I just blurt it all out.

Coming soon: I write something smart and incisive.

Things I am actually excited about when I'm not too busy moping:

-PLANTS! I have lettuce, three tomatoes, two lemon cucumbers, snap peas and crook neck squash.

-Having energy to cook and somebody to cook for

-I love yous

-The sunshine (even if it melts my buttercream and makes it hard for me to sleep during the day because it's so damn hot and I almost never see it)

-New "Stars" album, and getting it on vinyl of course

-New iPhone! That's right, it's about time to send my sad, dropped a million times, dented up first generation one to the electronics graveyard

-Full time consistent paychecks! Even if I get paid crap and least I get consistently 40-45 hours a week.

-Liking my job. I really truly do love my job, as unbelievable as that sounds.

-Finding time and focus to write