I just took 2 Benadryl and the cat is lying on my arms

My nails are long now. Far past the "too long" point that really past the "too long" point for working in a kitchen. When I look at my hands, it's like looking at them in a haze, hands that don't really belong to me. If it weren't for the distinctiveness of my claddaugh, I might be convinced they were a stranger's. I exist in a haze most of the time these days. I am most awake from about 2am-11am. Just cheerful and awake long enough to annoy Matt as he's trying to continue sleeping in the morning when I get off work. Usually I'm cranky and groggy in the couple of hours before work when I'm awake but the effects of the Benadryl hasn't worn off. Some days I can sleep without it but most I welcome the sweet relief those two little pills provide. I'm fine during the night, fine at work, I really like my job even but then it becomes day and I either want to sleep for 20 hours of it or can't sleep at all and I turn into a mess. I'm not stressed about anything but I feel tense all the time and I have crying jags that last for hours. I'm almost never hungry. I'm usually mildly nauseous.The only things I crave are sunshine and sex. Sometimes coffee. Coffee seems to be the only one I can get. I crave the sunshine like a crave being in a vacuum when I have a migraine. It's possible Vitamin D would easily solve all of my problems but the times when I realize this are the times when I really don't have the energy to go get it. So instead I'll take Benadryl and drive my boyfriend insane by either being cranky when he's wide awake or being wide awake when he's trying to sleep and play The Sims where we have a nice big house and cute children and sex.