Just living on nerves and feelings (again)

Giant bundle of nerves.

I hope I feel better when I actually give notice, my boss is already unhappy that I'm not pleased to be working there. I just keep wanting to ask him why he would continue working for him if he were me.

Feeling the relationship over-analysis and freaking out setting in. I'd tell y'all about it but I'd like to avoid using this blog as a method of cheating open and honest communication. So we just discovered there are some things that I won't write about knowing Matt's going to read this.

I want this job to be over, this semester to be over, this month to be over. I just want to get on my crazy 4 days on, 3 days off schedule and be able to just work myself to the bone and has the snuggles.

I feel like too many things are in limbo.