There's a green one and a pink one and a blue one and a yellow one

Matt and I have been going to bed pretty regularly post 3 am the last few days. When I suggested this morning that we should maybe start going to sleep earlier, he just said "Why?".

"Well you fell asleep with your head in my lap while I was playing Final Fantasy last night. I mean it was adorable but I could've gone to sleep sooner."

"Was it?"

"Yeah, when I asked you if you wanted to go to bed you said, 'I don't care where we go as long as I'm with you. We can go anywhere'"

"Did I really?'

"Mmmhmm, you said we could go anywhere but downtown San Rafael"

"Really ?! Ooooh, I vaguely remember that, I think I thought we were talking about places to live"

"And the one place your absolutely veto-ing is downtown San Rafael? You don't want to save your veto power for like Fresno?"

"You make a good point. You should've asked me why we couldn't go to downtown San Rafael"

"I did, you said because it was just so damn kitschy"

"Really? Well that makes sense, they've got those god damn green fire trucks. Also, no good breakfast restaurants, they just have those breakfast restaurants where you have to park like hella far away because everyone thinks they're really good but then you get there and you're all cranky from parking far away and they only make one good thing and when you ask the waitress what it is she says it's mushroom and pepper omelette and you don't fucking want mushroom and pepper omelette and then you're so cranky you stab the waitress in the throat with a butter knife, but it doesn't work"

"Or it does and then the green fire trucks come"

"Fucking green fire trucks"

You'd think the richest county per capita in California/5th richest in the country would find something else to do with their money then find special green fire trucks, but then I guess they wouldn't be the wacky rich Marin liberals we all love to hate.

Fucking green fire trucks.