And I do like you and you like me too

Matt just left to go to Safeway to buy me some Pellegrino because I finished the case that was here and I have a serious addiction. I had managed to cut it out entirely for over a year now but then he was like "Oh look honey, Pellegrino's on sale, we better get a case" and then it was all over. I drink that shit like it's going out of style. But more importantly, I would like to point out that it is 12:43 a.m., we just got back from playing broomball, Matt has to wake up at like 6:30 and he just volunteered to buy me Pellegrino because I was staring wistfully at the old bottles on his nightstand. Ok fine, I was saying that I wished there was Pellegrino but not with any expectation of him volunteering to go get me some. Basically, what I'm saying is he's the sweetest guy ever and for some reason unbeknownst to me think everything I do is wonderful and adorable which is pretty fucking awesome.

I was about to write a post about how I've been staying at his house all week because my asthma has been so bad I've been afraid to stay alone and about how he's taken care of me during the worst of it and even came with me to the doctor which is just like the most disgustingly adorable thing ever but then the Pellegrino thing happened and I thought "that's an even better example of how lame and cutesy couple-y we are" because shit like this HAPPENS ALL THE TIME.

And it's gross. It's just gross how pleased we are with each other and then it's like we become more pleased with ourselves because we're just so pleased to be pleased with each other and now pleased doesn't even sound like a real word anymore but that's just the way it is. We're just so god damn pleased with each other that it's ridiculous. And you know how sometimes at the beginning of a relationship ('cause let's remember Matt and I have known each other for a grand total of 2.5 months aka the same amount of time we've been dating) you're just waiting for the bubble to burst? Waiting to find out what the secret crazy is? I'm not waiting, I just can't imagine anything that would realistically happen and seriously fuck things up.

(Side note: I just told Matt that I often didn't know which posts were good posts until I reread them a month later and suddenly go "oh, that's pretty good, that's why people read my blog" and he told me it was because I'm a fantastisaurus. You can vomit now, it's allowed.)

Somehow we've reached the point where when I say things like "If I take this job we're never going to see each other," Matt says things like "It's not for forever we'll make it work and hopefully I'll be working nights. We can make it work, right?" but when he said "I'll be working nights" he meant in the future when he finishes the EMT program which is really not soon which means thinking in the for sure long term sort of way and instead of freaking me out it just makes me feel all giddy and bubbly inside and oh my god you totally want to punch me right now don't you?

Also we have names picked out for a future cats. Really. Patches and Atticus and one that has yet to be named. There will also be a ferret named "Ferret" because I'm told the ferret does not need a name. But I'm going to call it Boo Radley because then whenever I want to play with the ferret I can say I'm going to go play the Boo Radley game. And now you think I'm crazy because I like "To Kill a Mockingbird" that much but really I just like the name Atticus and think that Atticus Finch is an awesome character to name something after and ever since I said I wanted to name one of that cats Atticus I thought about all the other great pet names in that book like "Boo" and "Scout" and "Jem". Anyways...

Matt asked if I would meet his mother the other night who apparently no other girl has been intentionally introduced to. 

I like the way all this is working out a lot.

I'm ready let's do it baby.