In Which I Either Make you Say "Awww" or Vomit in Your Mouth a Little

So about a week ago, my boss asked me if I had a honey with whom I would be doing something special on Valentine's Day and doing my best to bite my tongue since I was supposed to work today, I told him not unless I magically acquired one in the next week which I then, thanks to my mother, proceeded to do. Magically. Because I'm pretty sure it involved some sort of folding of the space time continuum for me to have time to do that. Or he may have come to my rescue at work with a KitchenAid and hung out with me while I was working. I'm not sure which. I know you're probably wanting a few more details, but for now we're skipping ahead in the story to the most adorable Valentine's Day card ever. (Don't worry, we'll go back in the next few days when I actually have complete days off)


(Just pretend you still don't know my full name...)


I realize the significance of these drawings are not at all clear because of the skipping ahead, but the top is adorable mini cookie monsters and the bottom is a propane dragon. (I'm pretty sure that's how my propane magically got refilled in the night)


The butterflies in his stomach are smiling and snuggles don't seem to really need any explanation...

So in case you're friends with me on facebook and uber stalky and you're concerned that it says I'm in a relationship with a guy whose picture is of him sitting on a tailgate with a gun and I've fallen for another asshat, don't be. I'm pretty sure this one is ridiculously sweet and a keeper.

Also, yesterday when I got off working crazy hours for multiple days and driving seemingly all over the county for work he suggested that we could either go out and eat a meal or something like people do or he had a couch and a lot of movies and snuggles at his house. Which means I got to collapse on a couch and eat a giant bowl of mashed potatoes, which, as we all know, is what really matters.

Retching yet?