That's How I Blog Roll

Stuff I Read

('cause I know you value my opinion)

Yeah, I totally just stole taglines for most of these blog descriptions.

Personal Blogs

Feminist Blogs

  • The Curvature
  • A feminist perspective on politics and culture

  • Feministing
  • Gigantor online feminist community with fantastic resources

  • The Hathor Legacy
  • Absolutely fantastic feminist critiques on books, movies, video games... the whole pop culture nine yard.

Style Blogs:

(I suppose you're going to tell me I can't have both feminist and fashion blogs. Well you're wrong, welcome to the third wave.)

  • Pencil Skirt and Pearls
  • Classic. Simple. Beautiful. A woman with style after my own heart.

  • Sugarlaws
  • I actually started reading this when it was just a food blog. Obviously, for me, food + fashion just can't be resisted.

  • Go Fug Yourself
  • Straight up hilarious commentary on celebrity fashion choices.

Stuff You Might Already Read (aka things that don't get full categories)