Somebody give me a god damn cookie... or a high five... or a glass of whiskey

Earlier this week I blocked the boy from my facebook news feed 'cause every time I read something he posted or comments he made to friends I realized how much he pissed me off.

Today his status was asking who was coming to a party at his house tomorrow. That's right, he's throwing a god damn party on my birthday. So now I have friends that are going to go out to dinner with me and then instead of hanging out or grabbing drinks, go to his house. I'm not sure if I'm more annoyed with him or my friends right now but I'm pretty sick of being perpetually pissed at him.

So he's finally been unfriended, that way I don't have to know about these things and I can't get angry.


More later tonight. But now I'm going to clean my house, eat some cream of wheat and talk to my cat. 'Cause I'm a spinster like that.