We sit side by side in every class

Let's face it, I'm sick of writing about the boy and your sick of reading about it. Right now I just want you to know that I haven't seen him for two weeks and other than some random texts and facebook messages, haven't talked to him. I'm not going to lie, it's taking some willpower, but right now I'm feeling pretty great about the fact that thinking about sleeping with him makes me shudder.

And on a more awesome note,

Last night just my type boy and I met at one of the local bars (there are two bars and a pub in our two block town and everybody lives on property that requires driving to, I'm amazed at how rarely you see a sheriff's car go through) to grab a beer (the pub was closed) and sat for three hours (while insanely drunken rednecks outfitted entirely in Carhartts with obvious wads of dip shouted at each other over the blaring country music) and discussed why π should really be 2π and how awesome it is to remember addresses, phone numbers, pins, etc as mathematical equations.

God I love being a smart girl and god I love nerdy boys.

Who knew Thursday night could be so fantastic for such small reasons?

Also, fuck charm and nice cars and fancy dinners. Let's talk math, baby. And could you be a little awkward about it?