An explanation/warning

I was going to sit down and power through close to a semester's worth of history homework (I have a love/hate relationship with classes where you can turn in homework late for full credit and it's only worth like 10% of your grade. Love 'cause I like tests, essays and lectures and dislike homework but the hatred is because I have no motivation without pressure so now I have a lot to do before my last history class tomorrow) but then there was just too much floating around in my head and I couldn't focus. I realized I had a month's worth of blogging material sitting up in there. It just got to the point where I didn't know where to start? Do I write one epic entry? Do I post like 5 entries at once? Do I set times for typepad to autopost things? And are all the things in my brain related? Can I write whole posts after a month of not actually committing much to paper? (yes, paper, I've jotted down vague ideas for the last month, especially while watching peer presentations in history) What things are still important? Are you, my 5 whole readers, done with reading about the boy yet? (I mean, fuck, even I'm pretty sick of listening to my thoughts about the boy.)  Does it matter? Is this blog really about getting an audience or is it about writing, getting things out of my brain, so I can focus on the rest of my life? Am I having a blog identity crisis? Am I having a personal identity crisis?

AAAAAH! Brain explosion!

(I just updated iTunes and am experimenting with this whole genius playlist thing. Currently, I'm listening to "alternative & punk mix 3". I have 5 alternative & punk mix options... This one is based on Whiskeytown, Wilco, Ryan Adams, Neko Case and others, I think iTunes should probably work on having an alt country genre, 'cause I don't think alternative & punk really works as a title for this one...)

Yeah, that's right, these are going to be those sorts of posts, where I rock the tangents hard core style. You've been warned.