Class was cancelled and I finished my homework....

In case you're not my twitter or facebook friend- I got a job yesterday! It's not a lot of $ or hours but I'll be making chocolates again and, as the boy's best friend (seriously, he needs a different moniker, someone think of a good nickname for a nice, nerdy Jewish boy with a really adorable puppy) pointed out, I'm a student now so I'm not supposed to be making crazy money and working crazy lots. I'll pick up some babysitting or tutoring or something and make it work. Or keep trying to do more freelance. Excitement- I'm a frakkin chocolatier again!

Apparently rumor has it that "exactly my type boy" and I are dating. One of my friends here got an email from our friend that's travelling with the boy stating it was so. So it must be true, right? I find it hilarious that this travelled across continents without anyone actually asking him or I. Now that I've dispelled the rumor, it's going to be really amusing to watch everyone's confusion if anything does happen between us.

That's as much time as I have to kill for now.

More, more, more soon.