Good feeling, won't you stay with me just a little longer

I think I've been a good mood for basically an entire week and a half now. It's kind of exciting. I realize for some people, enjoying life, feeling grounded and clear headed is their normal way of life. But that's never been my style. As new boy likes to say "I like my coffee like I like my women, dark and bitter". 

Things are going great. Compromises are being reached, we're finding each others boundaries. Defining our relationship as different from our past long term ones. Getting to know each other again, letting go of our preconceptions of who the other person is from our younger days.  Actually talking about all of these things.

Also, the meeting of the 'rents. Or in my case the grandparents, since they're the ones who raised me. My grandmother was out of town so actually it was just delicious dinner with my grandfather, Che and I. It went pretty damn well. They talked about manly stuff, like fixing things, chainsaws, boats, you know... I'm pretty sure Che won my grandfather over in an instant with his "If it doesn't run on gunpowder or gasoline, I'm useless" line. Though he probably lost a few points by declaring himself a capitalist and not living up to his namesake in that way- we don't hold much truck with capitalists in my family.

And we talked about my future houseboat. It's going to live in the Berkeley marina and I'm going to have a dog. Hells yes, I'm serious. My grandfather is going to keep an eye out for a houseboat that will mostly likely "need a little work" and I will help him fix it up on weekends. (Che is also very excited about his plan and won my grandfather over further by offering to help with this project and my grandparents' choosing chickens project). It'll be small and I'll probably have to go over to other peoples' houses if I want to bake anything significant but I'll save hella on rent, I can have a dog and I'll be sleeping on the water. In a frakkin house boat!

In other news, I got some plants planted. My tiny balcony is now full of pots that will one day give me fresh herbs, tomatoes, lettuce and anaheim chilis if I don't manage to kill everything. More on that later when I remember to take pictures.

And in closing, the cutesiest, coupleiest picture ever...

Wait for it...

Only look if you're prepared to gag a little...


Note the "support local produce" shirt?! I know this is not surprising since his family has a ranch and all, but we all know how obsessive I am about slow food/eating locally.

I decided I'd spare you the picture of us kissing. For now.