This is the room one afternoon I knew I could love you

Have I mentioned that Northern California is fucking gorgeous in the Spring?


It was a fairly fantastic weekend. The first whole weekend I've spent with the new boy (someday he'll get a name). He surprised me by calling on Thursday to tell me he was coming home early from his road trip, and by the time I called him back he was already home. Montana to California all in one day! 

Friday was burgers, shakes, cuddles and sweet nothings. And surprise number two- he won't be leaving to travel again until September (also, he would like me to come meet him in France- I better get to saving)!

"Are you ready for this to get serious?" he asks, tickling me, halfway joking.

"I don't know," also halfway serious, I giggle back. 


Notice you don't even get to see all of new boy's face yet?

Saturday was lazing in bed, walking to get coffee, wandering the gourmet ghetto in the sun while we waited for our lazybone friends to wake up (ok, to be fair, we were up at 9 on a Saturday) and then Oyster Bliss at Cafe Fanny. Oysters, champagne and pastries, oh my! Back to sit in the sun on Alex's (Alex is my new baker friend, not the new boy, just to clarify) balcony and drink more champagne.

Next I headed up to Guerneville with Lara to play bingo with my mother and men dressed as nuns. Yes, I live in a part of the country where it is considered fairly normal to play bingo run by absolutely fabulous nuns (the sisters of perpetual indulgence). It was hot, there was traffic and it seemed like the drive took forever, I was sunburned and cranky so we left early (at 9pm).

Drive Lara back to Petaluma then out to the boy's ranch in Bodega. They were watching the end of the new Death Race. Did you know they don't even hit pedestrians in it?! What's the point of watching Death Race without extra points for hitting pedestrians?

More snuggles, more sweet nothings. (Seriously, if I had to watch a couple acting the way we do when nobody is around, I would probably vomit. As if the whole, reconnecting with the boy next door whose had a crush on you since 3rd grade isn't cutesy enough, right?)

Sunday was brunch in my hometown. My favorite breakfast sandwich in the whole wide world. Grocery shopping. You have no idea how oddly happy it made me to do something so normal, domestic, obviously not a date. We lazed through the late morning with books on the couch.

Alex showed up with tequila and it was time for margaritas by the pool.

God it's a hard life I'm living these days.

Things got a bit more serious in the evening when Che's mom called because one of the horses was attacked by a coyote and it needed to be put down. He wanted to shoot it and immediately put it out of its misery, she wanted the vet to come out. Noah and I went in to town to bring back burritos and beer. (Man, it sounds like I drink a shit ton from this post's activities). Then I conquered the Trivial Pursuit board while we waited for Che to deal with the vet and his mother.

He came back in obviously upset, obviously trying not to be. I don't yet know how best to comfort him. When to leave him be and when to try to take care. My heart ached.

Later we went out hunting the coyote. The boys got guns while Alex and I were on flashlight duty (of course). We walked in the dark mostly, it was a warm night and, oh my god, the stars. There was no coyote to be found. We walked back towards the house and I just kept looking up thinking, "God, I miss the stars".

I miss warm country nights. Walking through the woods with friends. Drinking in barns. Lying on a blanket/trampoline/truckbed and watching the moon cross the sky. I miss the stars. I miss home.

The boy kept hinting at me moving back up that way all weekend. It was cute and comforting and on the other hand hit the "woah! it's only been 2.5 months and you've been gone most of that time" button. I'm pretty sure had we been in opposite positions he would be a bit freaked out by that sort of talk. Back and forth. Both totally in love, trying to take things at a reasonable pace and failing miserably. It's kind of fantastic.

Best quote of the weekend:

"I just got a flash of 'this is weird'... I remember when you got boobs!"

(He did, in fact, accurately remember that I got boobs in 5th grade... Dating the boy next door is kind of weird.)