it's too easy just to fall apart

Making decisions this week.

Decision #1: Staying in Berkeley through the end of the summer. If I stay at Crixa I'll have my week of paid mandatory vacation towards the end of July or beginning of August. Everyone likes mandatory paid vacation. I also want to make sure that this whole moving home thing isn't just a passing phase or that it isn't subconsciously because I'd be closer to the boy.

Decision #2: One of the things I really miss out on working in a kitchen is any sort of tutoring/mentoring/teaching/volunteer work that was  a huge part of my life. I think, other than travel, one of the things I really need to do is try to combine my passion for cooking and the slow food movement with education. I really truly believe we'd all be happier if home cooked meals weren't some sort of crazy archaic idea and families took the time to all sit down together. I know it's hard in our current world of two income families to find the time, but delicious, wholesome food does not have to take a long time to make. Sear a steak, blanch some broccoli and roast some potatoes et voila! a meal of clean, non chemical laden, non processed wholesome deliciousness! To that effect (affect? god I always get those ones confused...) I sent in my cover letter and resume to Kids Culinary Adventures whose website just says they're hiring seasonally (I assume for cooking Summer camps) which I think would be fine with me. It would give me an opportunity to see if it would really work for me as a career choice and if I'm a good girl, and save well, I could then move home and go travel in the fall. It's in Belmont which would be a bitch of a commute but I've been searching teh internetz for other kids culinary programs and there doesn't seem to be much closer. I also sent in my resume to Hands on Gourmet which just has an email for career inquiries and doesn't say anything about whether or not they're hiring. The fact that they seem to do a lot of corporate "team building" things seems a little not my vein but they seem to be really passionate about slow food and I'm pretty cool with spreading the word to anyone who will listen- suits or not. My preference would be to indoctrinate small children but hey, sometimes adults need indoctrination too.

Decision #3: No factoring the boy into the decision making process at this point. No matter how charming he may be. Or how many delicious meals he buys me. Even if he sends me more roses at work.

Decision #4: You can find most of the songs I reference in the fancy little "lala" player in the sidebar! This entry is a line from "you, me and the bourgeoisie"- listen to it well and realize the full irony of it being the song in the current iPhone commercial. Sadly, it doesn't seem to be available on lala so here it is.