Holding out for that Teenage Feeling

Just started listening to the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album on lala though giving the new Neko Case album a go would be more appropriate for this post title. Also probably for getting into a sleepytime sort of mood. Everyone is coming out with new albums! Oh my god, the Decemberists... guess who's preordering that on vinyl?! Though I'm incredibly sad that I didn't get on that sooner so I could've had an autographed copy.

I did not sit down to write about music.

I'm not really sure what I sat down to write. Words.

The boy I'm seeing gets back from New Zealand in a week after being gone a month. I'm pretty excited. A week doesn't seem like very much longer after three weeks. Yeah, there's a "boy I'm seeing". It was an accident. Really, it was. Ask any of my friends or family members, they'll tell you, I had absolutely no intention of looking for a new boyfriend anytime remotely soon. I went to dinner to catch up with an old friend (friend might be too dear a term, I disliked him quite a bit in high school... but I'd say 3rd-8th grade we were on pretty okay terms- apparently I broke his heart by not agreeing to go to a dance with him in middle school, but I don't remember this) because he wanted to introduce me to a friend of his who used to be a pastry intern at CHEZ PANISSE (!!!) and he thought we'd get along well. Catching up dinner kind of turned into a date and meeting his friend kind of turned into meeting a few bottles of champagne and then me ranting about how I couldn't believe I let him pay for my dinner and call me "darling" all night. I say he should take it as a compliment that I let the evening go on so long before coming to my feminist senses.

(Unrelated, I think I like the song "runaway" on the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album.

Also, I just paused because I wanted to actually listen to the album. Now I've switched to Neko Case, if you were wondering.

And yes, this is probably how I would have a conversation with you. I'm all upons the parentheticals and tangents.)

Things progressed, as I hear things tend to do. As already established, I didn't actually know how things progress in the post high school world. Turns out, things progress fairly similarly but possibly slightly faster (or maybe that's only if you've already known the person since you were eight and they're leaving for NZ in two and a half weeks-  I have no idea what's normal... ) and before you know it you're getting roses at work and your roommate can tell whenever you get text messages from New Zealand 'cause you're trying to hide that you're grinning like an idiot.

Ok, maybe it progressed a little fast. I don't mean I'm easy, just to clarify, 'cause I think I might've just implied that. Just that, that teenage feeling, that overwhelming, over the top, this is what falling in love should be like emotion overtook my sensible, figure out where you're going/what you're doing next, who you are, I have no interest in a relationship right now self in a matter of seconds.

It's a whole new type of terrifying.

(Yes, he really had a friend drop off a dozen red roses for me at work... seriously, who does that?!)