I think I'll go out and embarrass myself by getting drunk and falling down in the street

Yeah, it's Rilo Kiley lyric blog title week. I've listened to "The Execution of All Things" about (at least) 50 times in the past three weeks I think. You know how sometimes you just listen to an album and suddenly it's the only album you need to listen to for a while but you try to convince yourself to listen to other albums because it's kind of weird to listen to the same one on repeat for multiple weeks? (Or is that just something I do?) Well that's what I've been doing. It just works for me right now.

Since writing my last actually personal entry (which I know was mopier and more self indulgent than a 14 year old who has gotten their hands on their first Bright Eyes album, but what are blogs for anyways?) I've actually been in a pretty damn good mood. I don't know if it was because of inauguration day or my birthday (those were both on the same day) or what. There just seems to be an infectious good mood here in the People's Republic of Berkeley. Seriously, people are snatching up cupcakes with American flags stuck in them faster than you can say "Karl Marx". Since when do people in Berkeley go within 10 feet of anything on which there's an American flag? It's crazy!

I was going to write about how scattered my brain is this week despite my good mood, that now that I've decided to pick myself up and dust myself off and work on getting out of this holding pattern that is currently my life, I need to find some grounding, focusing energy, but what I've written so far seems to say that for its self.

This morning I made saffron buns and forgot to put in the saffron. For reals.

For now, I think I just have to get everything out of my brain and onto digital paper but I do have a more longterm plan. I'm thinking actually sleeping enough will help. Also waking up early enough to start off the day with some sun salutations and at least eating some toast and actually finishing my latte before running out the door to work. I've spent the last few weeks in a haze of self pity, fried food and sleep deprivation and I'm feeling pretty damn over it. I'm finally feeling motivated and inspired to cook real meals at home again (dinner tonight was so good that I immediately posted it on my other blog after eating it) , get my room cleaned up and organized so that I can get the rest of my shit from storage, to think about craft projects instead of playing world of warcraft and to generally go out into the world more. Also to figure out where I want to live next because I'm just not Berkeley enough to live in Berkeley at this stage in my life. I don't think I'm going to move anytime soon- I like my job quite a bit and also I don't have the money to move right now, but I'd like to start thinking about getting my act together to have the money to do that and where that place might be. I have a feeling it's just going to be back across the bay to San Francisco but Manhattan is also calling to me.

 I always miss New York in the winter.

And in closing, my kitten is really cute.P1000500