My Peacock Costume

Img_0226_2 So here's my how to for making my AWESOME and fairly easy peacock costume.

All you need is a leotard, a tutu, about 25 (or more) peacock feathers, thread and rhinestones.

I also found a premade thing of feathers on a stick to use in my hair at the craft store but you could make your own with some more peacock feathers and flexible wire probably.

Img_0227 I started to attach the feathers by making a single stitch through the feather and the waistband of the tutu.









Img_0233Then I stitched around and into the waistband to secure the feather.

Img_0236_2 I attached eight feathers around initially to give me an idea of how to space it evenly.

Dsc02686 This is how full it was with 25ish feathers. If I had had more money and inclination I probably would've used more but I think it was a pretty good amount to start with. Next year I'll probably add some more to it.








There isn't a picture, but I glued rhinestones over the stitching to cover it up and add a little sparkle. In truth, they're barely noticeable.

And the completed look:

I used Special Effects fishbowl and blue velvet to dye my hair.







My eye makeup all came from Target. I just tried to find the colors that best matched the colors in a peacock feather.

Not the most flattering picture but the best to see my cool head feathers and my friend Elise's fantastic cardinal costume to give you some more bird costume inspiration.