How To Make Your New MacBook as Awesome as Mine

Dsc02592_2So this is what your MacBook looks like now. Sure, it's pretty enough- it sure looks a lot fancier and sleeker than my PowerBook G4 (Oh how I will not miss you PowerBook and your panther running, non-iphone compatible, Outland hating ways) but it's just not quite jazzy enough. It needs to say, "Not only am I hipper than you, I am also craftier and more ironic". The solution to this problem is rhinestones.

Yes, rhinestones.

Dsc02591 Purchase your desired rhinestones and some rhinestone glue at your craft store of choice.

Dsc02588 Empty the rhinestones into a shallow container that will be easy to get them out of.

Dsc02593 Spread a thin layer of glue over the apple

Dsc02609 Use the tip of your finger to pick up rhinestones and push them into place around the outside of the apple.
(Yeah, this is a different computer- Lara needed to awesome up her new work laptop)

Dsc02595 I've found the easiest way to keep a good apple shape is to work in circles (apples?) from the outside in.

Dsc02600 Fill in the rest of the apple

Dsc02603 Then do the same for the leaf

Et Voila: