The Voyage Out

I would just like to state, for the record, that the person who wrote the back cover summary (that must have a technical name) on the Barnes & Nobles Classics edition of The Voyage Out (Virginia Woolf) should probably get a new job. If changing careers is too much to ask of them, I suggest they read the books that they write the blurbs for before writing the blurb instead of after or, more likely, never.

Since it seems likely that most people will never read this book because most people don't spend all their casual reading time reading classics (because apparently people who are not me find them boring as fuck) I will share with you why I feel this way... DO NOT read past this point if you ever plan on reading this book...

**serious spoiler alert**

This is what is written on the back of the book:

"We meet young, free-spirited Rachel Vinrace aboard her father's ship, the Euphrosyne, departing London for South America. Surrounded by a clutch of genteel companions- among them her Aunt Helen, who judges Rachel to be 'vacillating,' 'emotional,' and 'more than normally incompetent for her years'- Rachel displays a startling maturity when she finds her engagements to the writer Terence Hewet listing toward disaster. As she soon discovers, 'tragedies come in the hungry hours.'" Problems:

a) Her engagement is never "listing towards disaster".

b) Unless you count her getting some sort of tropical fever and dieing.

c) In which case, I offer, "How the hell does a dead person show 'startling maturity' or learn that 'tragedies come in the hungry hours'?"

d) Seriously, WTF? Who approved this blurb?